How to unblock a shower

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April 22, 2016
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May 25, 2016

A blocked shower Willesden can be something inconvenient and it may take place when you do not have enough time to call up the plumber or to go to the shop to get the unclogging products. However, you can try out simple ingredients in your home or you can use things that you may find at the supermarket. You should also remember that the drain cleaners that are bought at the counter have some toxic chemicals and they may be harmful to you, your family and to the environment. You may try out the following products if you have to deal with a clogged shower. Flush using hot water: you can boil the hot water and you can simply pour it down in the plug hole. This procedure should not be done only when the shower has clogged, but it should be done on a weekly basis in the cleaning schedule and it will reduce the number of the blockages that you will be suffering.
Baking soda and vinegar can be used when you put baking soda in the sink first and follow it using half a cup of vinegar. This is an effective solution and it allows the user to work on the clog overnight. You have to flush it though the morning with the kettle of hot water and the water will start to flow freely after adding hot water.
Use a mix of baking soda and salt in equal quantities. When you wish to unblock the shower drain, you need to add hot water and put it in the pipe work and let it stand for the entire night. The next morning, flush using a kettle of clean boiling water and the clog will be gone. The washing soda is also known to help when it comes to clearing a blocked shower Willesden.

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