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November 24, 2014
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January 7, 2015
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Fixing and moving radiators within Willesden homes are our jobs. At plumbers Willesden, we are quick to respond to emergency repairs including ball valves and leaks. We follow the rules and regulation as stipulated by the Willesden municipal council. We install and repair showers, shower pumps, and shower fittings. Our main aim in the region is to provide the best of services at all time at favorable costs.
When you decide to call us at Plumber Willesden, you will be surprised to notice that there is no call out charges in the areas even during the odd hours and the weekends. We install high-efficiency boiler installations that use less energy hence saving you a lot of money, and we offer a seven-year guarantee that cannot be found anywhere.
We at Plumber Willesden always respect the client and respecting the client involves respecting their homes and properties. That is the reason we employ people with good moral background that can be our salesperson when providing services to our clients.
We offer other services apart from fixing taps, drainage system and boiler repairs. We repair dishwater and provide new ones, the front loading machines that are installed in your kitchen or laundry. Refrigerators with liquid and ice dispensers can be explored in. We ensure that you enjoy the kitchen by plumbing the kitchen and place the water supply and drains where you need them.
Our operatives are always on the ground all around the region, and our customer service department is always active 24 hours a day in order to satisfy your entire heating, plumbing and home repair requirement. From heating and hot water breakdown or burst pipes. We always work in a very professional way and accord respect to all our clients either private or commercial business. Our client’s satisfaction is our main aim.

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