Using Speed-Fit

Plastic Pipework
May 4, 2014
July 1, 2014

Speed fit pipe is white and comes with little blue chevrons on it every inch or so. The idea behind this is that if you cut the pipework on one of these marks the next mark will be right on the edge of the fitting when it’s been fully pushed in. Willesden Plumbers use speed fittings.

1). To work properly plastic pipe needs a nice, straight, clean cut and to achieve this you need to buy a pair of plastic pipe cutters. There is a range of different designs but they are all really are very sharp pair of scissors.

2). Once you make your cut your need to strengthen the end of the pipe so that it grips the fitting properly and doesn’t buckle under pressure. To achieve this, the system comes with what is referred to as a super seal pipe insert. You just push one of these into the end of the pipe.

3). You’re now ready to push your fitting into place. First, make sure the fitting is in the ‘unlocked’ position where you can see a gap between the screwcap and the body of the fitting, as opposed to ‘locked’, were the screwcap is tight to the fitting and there is no gap at all. If it isn’t unlocked just turn the screwcap anticlockwise until you feel some resistance and can see this small gap. A Willesden Plumber can cut speed fittings.

4). With the fitting ‘unlocked’, push it gently over the pipework. You’ll usually feel a little resistance as the pipe reaches the ‘O’- ring in the fitting. At this point you push a little harder and you’ll feel the fitting slip into place. You can check it is in correctly by looking to see where the next mark is on the pipework. You might find it easier to push the fitting on if you dampen the pipe fitting with a little water first.

5). Once you connect the pipework you lock the fitting by twisting the screwcap clockwise until there is no longer a gap between the screw and the body of the fitting.
Now just give everything pull to check that it’s all connected properly.

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