Washing machine breakdown repairs

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May 5, 2016
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June 8, 2016

Lack of water in the washing machine is a common problem that needs washing machine repairs Willesden. The washing machine may not fill up and the first thing that you need to check is the water supply valves. The valves can be located at the wall by the washing machine. The hose has to run from the valve to the machine. You have to ensure that the valves have been turned on. You also have to check if there are kinks in the supply hoses which run from the supply valves. When there is no problem with the valves, you have to check the controls of the machine. When there is a malfunctioning control, it may lead to the machine not draining or filling or it may fill in a slow manner. When the washer does not drain or stops to fill, the problem is probably the pressure switch. If the water enters in the machine, then the water will fill the tub in its pressure switch. When air pressure has reached to a point, it will trigger the switch and it will stop the machine so that it does not continuing filling. You have to take time to learn where you can find the pressure switch at the machine. You have to look for the signs that show the damage and once again you need to use the multimeter. When you do not see any reading in a meter, then the pressure switch has to be replaced.
Sometimes you may need the washing machine repairs Willesden when the machine leaks. When this takes place at the machine, you need to check the drain hose. The drain hose has to be next to the supply valves and run within the hole at the wall. You have to ensure that there is nothing that may be blocking the hole which may be causing the water to stop.

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